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GRUPO CRESPO integrates in-line dryers with its automatic painting machines

Grupo Crespo will be presenting its latest innovation at the 2016 edition of Veteco: integrated in-line dryers for use with automatic painting machines. The firm will launch two models with the useful width of glass - one for 180 cm and the other for 260 cm.

Automatic painting machines already make things such as painting glass faster and more convenient compared to other systems, but the driers further improve both aspects of production.

Quick drying the paint is a big advantage during production both in terms of time saved and for handling purposes. Finished glass can be stored straight from the drier, making the best use of space and facilitating easy storage in the glassworks.

Group Crespo supplies painting machines, as well as resins and consumables, guaranteeing users a successful result from these processes.

These automatic glass painting and drying lines are compatible with vitrificables resins, paints and other coatings, making the system even more versatile. It is more than a question of speed and convenience. There is also a need to produce good, easily repeatable results and to be able to produce multiple products with the same equipment.

Within the range developed for automatic painting is a door and profile painting machine. This equipment is simple and is a new option for medium and long series.

As far as the company is concerned, this Veteco event will be an opportunity to introduce automatic painting equipment in workshops where workers are still painting manually or with rollers. The advantages over hand painting are, in short, speed, convenience, repeatability, better output and space savings. Compared to the roller method, colour changes are much faster and there is less waste. It is also suitable for medium and even small series.

This automatic painting equipment also makes it possible to produce pieces of glass of several colours, part painted using stencils, for creating unique glass projects.


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