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PVC ASOVEN will attend Veteco in the throes of an expansion phase

Asoven PVC, the first and only Spanish association whose purpose is to promote the use of PVC windows in our country. It already has 105 members andis continuing to drive its expansion phase.

The association wants to continue developing the market for PVC windows, in both new buildings and refurbishments, encouraging the necessary innovation andtechnological to promote the excellent features that make these windows such great energy savers.

In this regard, PVC Asoven believes that disseminating information and communicating are essential tasks. That’s why the Association wants to stay ahead of developments and trends in the joinery market so that the sector’s companies are ready to meet the demand.

The Association has become a means for meeting and networking with other trade professionals and for staying abreast of technical and legal regulations. That is one of the reasons why Asoven PVC will be at Veteco this year, since it aims to maintain a constant presence at events and exhibitions which affect the sector.

It is also an opportunity for the Association to reiterate its commitment to helping to develop quality standards and their dissemination. That’s why it helps to promote certifications and guarantees for quality processes by the relevant agencies. Asoven PVC even has its own energy certificate for members.

Last but not least, the Association is committed to respecting and caring for the environment as part of its sustainable development.