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QS ADHESIVOS presents Tecnopol MS sealant-adhesives

QS ADHESIVOS has been a faithful participant in VETECO since 2006. The company sees the event as an excellent showcase and meeting point for the enclosure and glazing sectors.

After the success achieved at previous editions, once again QS Adhesives will be at Veteco2016 to continue offering solutions to the industry with innovative, competitive products with proven technical know-how.  Providing the enclosure, glazing, cladding and general building sectors with great value will be the company’s main mission at this trade fair.

More and more companies are relying on QS, not only because of the quality of its products, but also because of the support and technical advice that always come with them.  In industry, product and service need to go hand in hand, and it is QS’ attention to quality that allows it to meet customer expectations every time.

This time, QS will present a specific product range for the sector, emphasising sealants-hybrid polymer adhesives, known in the market as MS, a chemical technology based on silcane modified polymers.

The TECNOPOL MS brand of sealant-adhesives are “all-rounder” products in industry and construction.

* They have the highest sealant and bonding properties available in the market.

* They bond and seal almost all the materials used in a building.

* They have an excellent elasticity: 500%

* They offer good adhesion on wet surfaces,

* They even adhere under water.

* Excellent resistance to weathering and UV radiation.

* They are paintable when dry.

* They are odourless.

* They are made with organic solvents.


Hall 10, stand 10G10