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Approximately 90,000 people benefited from the Plan Renove initiatives in Madrid in 2015 home | see all news
Approximately 90,000 people benefited from the Plan Renove initiatives in Madrid in 2015

In 2015, there were twelve PlanRenove initiatives organised in the Community of Madrid, with the aim of increasing energy efficiency and promoting energy savings, as well as stimulating economic activity in the following sectors. Among the twelve Plan Renove were:

  • Plan Renove for PVC windows.
  • Plan Renove for garage doors.
  • Plan Renove for individual boilers.
  • Plan Renove for industrial gas components.
  • Presence detector installation plan.
  • Plan Renove for lighting in buildings.
  • Plan Renove for mineral wool insulation in homes.
  • Plan Renove plan for lighting in lifts.

Overall, thePlan Renove initiatives had an initial budget of €5,983,833. A total of €4,001,224 of this was spent, which represents 67% of the total available. Of the total €4,001,224 spent, 59% came from public funds and the remaining 41% from private contributions (manufacturers, installers, distributors, etc.). It should also be noted that 81.8% was paid as grants to the citizens of the Community of Madrid, 9.5% was spent on advertising and 8.6% on management (creation of websites, domains, personnel, inspections, etc.).

According to the data from all the plans, a total of €34,181,607 was invested, which means that every euro spent on a Plan Renove plan generates an induced investment of €10.44, in other words it has an important multiplier or lever effect. At the same time, the investment generated VAT worth €5,127,241, meaning that for every euro invested in Plan Renove, the government collects €1.57 in VAT. In short, the amount recovered as VAT is higher than the amount of public money made available.

A total of 1,384 companies adhered to the Renove Plans, carrying out 8,870 installations. All these repairs have benefited 92,835 citizens.