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Asefave to participate in a workshop on lowering the demand for energy home | see all news

The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Light façades and Windows, ASEFAVE,took part in a workshop organisedby the Madrid Chamber of Commerce in June on reducing energy demand through passive elements.

The Madrid Chamber of Commerce has spent several years developing the “Support and Training for an Excellent Energy Efficiency Performance” project, otherwise known as Steeep. This initiative is led byEurochambres, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry, in collaboration with 35 Chambers of Commerce in seven European countries. A total of 630 European companies are taking part, 100 of which are Spanish and, of these, 25 belong to the Community of Madrid.

The objective is that over the three years of the project (until February 2017), participating companies can improve their energy performance.

The workshops organised as part of the initiative to address issues specific to the project, as well as several general aspects of energy management and efficient systems: envelopes, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, ACS, building automation, and so on.

Asefave organised a seminar to deal with energy efficiency through windows, analysing their influence on energy efficiency. It reviewed the application guidelines, specific regulations, rules governing the sector and components of windows that influence energy efficiency.