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Epower&Building encourages exhibitors’ innovations

Epower&Building boosts exhibitors’ innovations with VÍA INNOVA, a tour of new ideas and flagship products at VETECO, in which exhibitors can apply to be included until 5 September.

VÍA INNOVA is a new initiative, with which VETECO wants to help all participants in the trade fair to promote their innovations and flagship products to trade professionals, the media, etc. Exhibitors interested in taking part, free of charge, can apply by sending the innovation or flagship product from their company.

All the entries received and the companies will be included in the VÍA INNOVA directory, and will become part of a tour of all the innovations and flagship products at VETECO.

Innovations and flagship products that form part of VÍA INNOVA will also be promoted in the visitors’ guide, the website and on the VETECO social network profiles. In short, VÍA INNOVA will be a powerful tool for exhibitors to get the most from their time at VETECO.


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